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Consume. I’m constantly consuming and exposed to limitless sources of inspiration and media in today’s modern western world. 


Produce. Because of all of this input, I have to purge my ideas for my own sanity. Whether you realize it or not, we are all a part of this cycle of consuming and producing. I believe it behooves us to strike a balance between the two. 


My process is a meditation on curiosity and imagination, fueled by a connection to my own youthful way of thinking. I document the human experience of creativity to liberate the modern-day working adult. I intend to amplify and share that feeling of fearlessness and intellectual freedom through my art.


My training in computer animation channeled my passion for cartoons, and my work is heavily inspired by them, aiming to invoke a child-like joy, playfulness, and curiosity that perhaps the viewer hasn’t experienced in a long time. It is an exploration and celebration of that place that straddles strange and whimsical, rendered in an eccentric and bold way. My work attempts to deliver the viewer to a new, unique, maybe even weird place.


Today, I work in a wide range of mediums to satisfy any creative whim. This includes acrylics, spray paint, illustration, graphic design, and polymer sculptures which I reproduce into colorful plastic resin toys. When I can, I use found objects instead of new materials. It’s not only more sustainable, but it makes art making more accessible. Anyone has the tools to be an artist. 


I’m constantly evolving as I meet new artists, discover new ideas, and explore new techniques. There will always be more to experience, learn, and express.

   -Bili Kribbs

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